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Pricing & Bookings

Our plans


Our no-fuss, flexible plans have no hidden or up front registration costs.

If you require further information, or if you have any suggestions to improve our plans, please email


Monthly plan

£8.50 per class

Pay as you go

£10 per class
Save 15% per session
Free Jumping Juniors sticker reward chart.
No upfront registration costs.
For those who want that extra flexibility. 
No upfront registration costs.

Loyalty scheme

Want a regular booking? 


We can arrange a monthly direct debit if you wish to attend Jumping Juniors for more than one term to avoid disappointment in missing out on a place when new bookings go live. Please email us for more information. 



How we manage our bookings 


All of our bookings are managed through Class for Kids, an innovative, GDPR secure system that can be accessed through their website.

Refunds & Cancellation 


Please read our refund and cancellation information in our terms and conditions found here

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