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Erin Papper

Director & Co-founder
Head of Business & Marketing

Hello! I'm Erin, Head of Business and Marketing. Myself and my husband Dan created Jumping Juniors back in 2020. We share two young children together and both have a passion for Early Years.


In my role I oversee the operational activities of the business on a day-to-day basis. I have enjoyed watching Jumping Juniors grow and expand into different avenues over the years, especially the upcoming opening of our new Stay & Play Studio in January 2024. My vision for this studio is to provide a nurturing environment where little ones can explore, learn and have fun through activities such as messy play, baby sensory and free play. I believe in the power of early childhood experiences in shaping a child's growth and development, and am dedicated in providing a clean, safe environment for them to thrive. 

In addition to my practical experience, I am currently pursuing a part-time Business Management degree (finally in my sixth year!), which has equipped me with a solid foundation in strategic planning, financial management, and marketing knowledge. I am eagerly looking forward to pursuing a master's degree in early years education to further enhance my understanding of child development and effective teaching methodologies. 

Both myself and Dan are passionate in providing recreation activities for children in our community and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many parents, grandparents, carers and children over the years. 

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