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Jumping Juniors Primary P.E


Our Story

Alongside running sports clubs, holiday clubs and birthday parties. Jumping Juniors Primary P.E is a service we offer to primary schools looking for a range of P.E services, such as daily P.E teaching, curriculum planning, funding advice and much more! 

Who We Are

Dan Papper

Leading P.E Teacher

Hello, my name is Daniel Papper, the Co-Founder of Jumping Juniors Primary P.E and the leading P.E Teacher for the company. 

I have been a P.E Teacher across primary and secondary schools for the past 6 years and have a proven track record for improving the P.E curriculum in multiple primary schools across Kent and East Sussex. ​

I am passionate about delivering teaching to the highest standard from KS1 - KS4, so that every child feels involved in their P.E lessons. I am also an advocate for continuous development and have supported many newly qualified teachers over the years, supporting them with P.E curriculum planning and delivery; ensuring that best practices are shared and embedded in their teaching. 


Jumping Juniors Primary P.E offers a wide range of services to enable you to put P.E at the forefront of your school. Find out more about our services by clicking the button below. 

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The Importance of P.E in the Primary Curriculum

At Jumping Juniors Primary P.E we understand the importance of getting children active from a young age. The subject allows us to embed and build on healthy habits from the start of their school journey, whilst developing on important coordination and motor skills. P.E also offers a welcome break from classroom teaching, which can benefit a range of students who prefer more practical subjects, and can positively impact children with SEN and PP backgrounds as well as those who have behavioural challenges. 


We have created a model called "The Wellbeing Wheel" which we feel encompasses the importance of P.E for every individual child as they develop physically, emotionally and mentally throughout their school years. It enables us to not lose sight of the bigger picture and reminds us on why P.E is a fundamental subject within schools and why it should be front and center of a school's curriculum. 

Our Locations

Primarily based in Crowborough, East Sussex, Jumping Juniors Primary P.E can operate in a range of areas across Kent and Sussex including, but is not limited to: 

  • Crowborough 

  • Wadhurst

  • Uckfield

  • Heathfield

  • Tunbridge Wells

  • Tonbridge 

  • & Surrounding Villages

We are also happy to offer our services remotely over Zoom or Teams. Please get in touch using the form below if you feel this would better suit your needs. 

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