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Meet the Team!

We are a company created by parents, for parents! 
Daniel Papper
Director & Co-founder
Head Coach

I have a been a P.E teacher for over 10 years and have been involved in the education industry since I was 18 years old... I won't say how old I am now. 

Across this time I have worked in pre-school's and primary and secondary schools, striving to offer children high quality teaching in P.E. 

I have also worked in other companies which offer weekend sports as well working as Camp Manager for large holiday camps with more than 250 children. 

Across my time in education I have worked with a ran

Erin Papper
Director & Co-founder
Dance Coach
Business Manager

Hello! I'm Erin, the Business Manager. I created Jumping Juniors alongside my husband, Dan, back in 2020. We share two young children together and both have a passion for Early Years.


Over the years I have studied various Business qualifications and I am very close to graduating with a degree in Business Management at the Open University.  

Alongside running Jumping Juniors, I have a job in Data Analytics within the Health Insurance industry but am currently enjoying maternity leave with my son Theo. 

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